Forget the trendy pizza shops, This hidden spot makes the best New York-style pizza in NOLA

Mario Salvatore

Three words — believe the hype. Nola Mia is — and I rarely use this expression because it’s already so overused — a hidden gem. It is real, authentic, delicious, fresh, massive (seriously, the sandwich could serve as lunch and dinner)…it is — I’m just going to say it — the best Italian sandwich/panini I’ve ever had. My grandfather is Italian (like, real Italian — he was born in Sicily) and I’m sure even he would be impressed.

”*Italian (I-tal-YEN) — you have to read it like this for it to sound witty.”

When I went to pick up, my sandwich was ready, wrapped and I only had to pay — I actually had to borrow $2.00 from a coworker…next time I’ll come prepared. Also, even though there were a couple suits eating inside, I’d suggest taking to-go. It’s a small shop (read: not many tables/chairs) and, to be honest, I’m more of a to-go girl anyway. The prices are very — very, very, very! — reasonable. Seriously, the panini was huge. I’ve paid a lot more for a lot less; this might be the best deal in NoLa, sandwich-wise.

Now, time to brag about the sandwich — the delicious, Cubano Panini. First off, all the panini’s sounded amazing, but I’m a sucker for hot and semi spicy spread. And, once I saw pickles, I was sold. It was heavenly — the ingredients were so fresh, it was almost like being in Cuba. (In fact, when I got back to the office, I made myself a cafe con leche and, I have to say, I felt like a true Latina.*)

Bonus: They love Yelp! I told the sweet, blue haired girl — love your hair! — behind the register that I found Nola Mia through Yelp and she showed me the “Yelp Wall.” They had printed and posted their reviews on a bulletin board near the register, which I thought was just so, so cute. As an avid Yelp-er, it’s nice to see businesses appreciate Yelp.

The best panini in New Orleans

Fantastic Panini and extremely personable staff. If we were here longer we would come every day! I will recommend it to everyone I know.

Best find in The Crescent City!


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    Capish – Dressed!

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    Love me some Nola Mia Crust.


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