Yes To Pizza and an Italian Soda

Have you ever had an Italian Cream Soda before? Nola Mia’s Italian Soda was the first one I’d ever tried and I am really sad to say that I have been missing out on something completely delicious and wonderful for the last 34 years of my life. Seriously. Italian cream sodas are one of the best drinks I’ve ever tried. Like, EVER ever.

”Flavor is important in Italian culture, yes, but so is design.”

I’ll admit that the words “cream” and “soda” together have always made me wrinkle my nose a bit. However, I absolutely love cream soda. But the idea of milk (or cream) in a carbonated beverage just grossed me out. Until today, at least. Because now I want to drink these all of the time and introduce everyone I know to them who hasn’t had one yet. Despite the name, Italian cream sodas actually originated in the United States. They started off as Italian sodas, made with carbonated water and a fruit flavored simple syrup, but then whipping cream, half-and-half or whipped cream were added, creating the layered effect of the drink.

I don’t know if my love affair with Italian Soda‘s is because of the bitter edge to the sweet soda or because of its vibrant vermillion color. Flavor is important in Italian culture, yes, but so is design. Nola Mia brings together both beautifully. We’re talking about Nola Mia Italian Soda’s, many flavors in a line of Italian-made sodas which also include Pineapple, Blueberry, Cherry, Peach. Vanilla, and Strawberry – I discovered them @ NOLA Mia, and LoVed it. They’re a fizzy fun variation to a milkshake, and no where near as heavy.  Don’t get me wrong I l-o-v-e milkshakes, but with the benefits of dairy and my flavor combination, these sodas are perfect for summer! I like it with peach, at two to one, Italian sparkler to Nola Mia Italian Soda’s. Made in the small town of The Marigny baby steps from the French Quarter, Nola Mia Italian Soda’s claim a long history. The Iorio’s family recipe goes back to 1896 and claims to use fresh dairy. Those facts are in case you like a little history with your drink. For all you ice cream lovers out there, be prepared to have your mind blown away by Italian ice cream, known as gelato. Good gelato is characterized by its intense flavor and its super smooth and creamy texture (not icy, like some ice creams). There are a lot of options for Ice cream in New Orleans; you can get it at a “gelateria”/restaurant/patisseria (bakery), Snowballs, street carts (not recommended), and dedicated gelateria shops of varying quality. However you have not had great gelato until you’ve had Nola Mia’s! How to tell if a place will have good gelato? Do not depend solely on the crowds, because sometimes a place is popular based on its touristy location. Instead, take a look inside at the actual gelato display; the gelato should look super creamy, fresh, and clean. Nola Mia is open late (9:00 pm) every night of the week, Cept Tues Sadly their closed. Happy eating


  • October 11, 2019


    Italian Soda Bar 🙂

    • October 11, 2019


      Delicious and fun!

  • October 11, 2019


    The BEST Italian restaurant in NOLA …Period!


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