Cozy, Fresco-lined Haunt for Inventive Coffee’s

In 2019 Executive Chef and Owner(s) Raffaele Iorio and his wife Roseann Marra Iorio opened Nola Mia in the Marigny. Their goal: to share their passion for coffee with the neighborhood. Soon the duo received recognition for brewing delicious pour overs and deconstructing latte to elevate the coffee experience; paying tribute to the craftmanship of the professional barista.

”Newlinean’s may have 99+ problems, but thanks to this New York coffee staple migrating to The Marigny, a bad cup of joe isn’t one of them.”

With fresco walls and ample seating lining the perimeter, Nola Mia is the perfect spot to read the Picayune or scroll your newsfeed while enjoying your caffeine fix. For that matter, the other 10+ NOLA coffee shops and cafes aren’t half bad either — they’re all airy, seriously chill, Known for their gelato and pizza, as well as their various desserts, Nola Mia always makes mornings a sunny experience.

It’s a real Espresso Bar – a real-deal espresso shop that only offers four types of coffee: hot, cold, espresso, and espresso with milk. Let’s just say this little gem knows what they’re doing — they’re as quality-driven and independent as you can get in NOLA.  We recommend visiting Nola Mia Gelato Cafe for that old-timey feel. With turquoise tables and comfy chairs, you can expect to see people having good conversation or typing away at any time of the day.

Rich coffee, homey service, and cozy feel… in The Marigny? Yep. Bringing the best coffee all the way from Italy to the heart of New Orleans, this espresso shop brings outstanding joe to a part of town that time forgot. Fitt Tip: for Locals who aren’t too busy for a sweet-treat, their signature sfogliatell is made in-house and baked over the course of the day. But for a great selection of baked goods, stop in on your way to work.

With 10 cafes scattered all around the area, Nola Mia is a convenient grab ’n’ go coffee shop with rich, earthy coffee, a laid-back vibe, and rustic furniture. They have various non-dairy milk options, but what they really pride themselves on is creating a sense of community amidst the chaos of The Ever-Changing Marigny.


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    • October 11, 2019


      real Italian Gelato w/ wifey

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    Pizza, Dinner, Sandwiches.


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